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Generator To Alternator Conversion Module

Generator To Alternator Conversion Module

Part #: 64-73977
$39.95 ea.

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This small module allows you to convert your original generator system to a more modern alternator. Easy to install and convert in minutes. Can be used on all models of Ford generators. Convert your original early sixties Galaxie from generator to alternator with this module! Once the module is installed according to the instructions included with the module, it becomes a 2 wire hookup . The first of the 2 wires is the wire to the warning light, which is mentioned in the instructions (orange wire). The second wire, which is not mentioned, is a wire from the bat terminal on the alternator to the battery. For this, the customer needs to replace their old generator wire, and replace it with a larger wire. We recommend at least a 4 gauge wire, unless they have a really high output alternator, in which case they may look into a 1 gauge or even a battery cable (remember, the alternator puts out more amperage, and you need a bigger wire to run more amperage, better to go too big than too small.) the wire should attach to the positive terminal of the battery, or they can attach it to the positive terminal of the starter solenoid. Either way, it is recommended they use eyelets, not slip-on connectors, and that they solder the connections, and to be sure to use multi-strand wire (solid is not as flexible and is more likely to break over time).