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Search Term: 'All Parts'
Category: 'Ignition'
Vehicle: '1960 FORD RANCHERO'
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Spark Plug Wire Set - Reproduction Part # 90-11359-1
Concours quality spark plug wires are now offered for your classic Ford restoration. These are the best reproductions on the market. All wires feature part numbers ink stamped onto the cable exactly as original, boots have correct logos, and correct sleeving. Tailored and made for each individual engine for authenticity. Made in the usa! Learn More
$49.99 Set
60/66 Spark Plug Wire Set (6cylinder) Part # 90-86484-1
Replacement Same Quality As Higher Priced Aftermarket Wires Don't need those exact reproduction spark plug wires? Then these are for you. Manufactured by the same company that makes the high quality aftermarket brands. Same quality wire and boots as original, just no date codes or logos. Learn More
$28.99 Set
Ignitor Ignition Kit-Chrome Coil Part # 90-78036-1
Quality Upgrade From Pertronix Includes The Popular Ignitor, Coil, And Spark Plug Wires Significant Savings Over Purchasing These Parts Individually For V-8 Single-Point Ford Ignition Systems Made From 1957-1974 We now offer a complete kit of quality American made Pertronix Ignitor ignition products. Never change your points again! Get the Ignitor solid state ignition (to replace points), high performance Flame Thrower 8mm. spark plug wire set, and high performance Flame Thrower ignition coil in one cost cutting kit. Save time and money! Learn More
$189.99 Kit
Spark Plug Wire Separator - Clip On Part # 90-30835-1
Replace your cracked and worn original spark plug wire separators with our new reproductions. Fits all 8 cylinder engines with small valve cover tang on top. Both original sizes available, original black color and mounts stationary to the engine. Sold each. Learn More
$5.99 ea.
Constant Voltage Regulator Part # 90-31408-1
This is that nifty little part that is located on the back of your instrument cluster. When it goes bad all your gauges will give erroneous readings except your fuel gauge. Learn More
$24.99 ea.
Ignition Coil - 12 Volt - Black Body - Mustard Top Part # 90-28492-1
New yellow top ignition coil is available. This 12 volt coil was used on all 1956 through 1972 Ford cars and pickups. This has been quality tested and performance assured. The correct original style coil for your car. Learn More
$67.99 ea.
Pertronix Ignitor - 6 Cylinder - Use With Solid D Shaped Distributor Shaft Part # 90-11294-1
Ignition Point Eliminator Retains Stock Distributor, Cap, And Appearance Requires No Permanent Alterations To Your Vehicle This system is great! The Ignitor is a breakerless solid state ignition that fits inside your standard distributor and is completely self contained. It allows your engine to start fast every time, reduces battery drains, improves fuel economy and stretches spark plug life tremendously. Best of all, it installs in 10 minutes! There is even a lifetime factory warranty. Never change your points again! Each Ignitor comes complete with instructions. It hooks directly to your coil.  You will enjoy no more replacement of points or condensors with a one time installation for life. For use with stock coil or standard Flame Thrower coil only ! Using this module with any high performance coil (stock or aftermarket) or using it with the Flame Thrower 2 coil will damage the module. Use with coils having 1.5 ohms resistance or greater. Not compatible with high energy ignition coils. This part number is primarily for 1960/1964 six cylinder Ford engines. For 1965 and later see our alternate items. Important for 6 cylinder owners: Since in many of these classics the engine might have been changed over the years, pull off the rotor and look at the top of the distributor shaft before ordering.   Learn More
$96.99 ea.
Pertronix Universal Ignitor Ignition Wires, Black, V8 Part # 90-74255-1
Quality Universal Set 8MM Silicone Wires Straight Spark Plug Boots 90 Degree Angle Distributor Boots Made In The USA These wires offer a low 500 ohm per foot resistance.  The silicone jackets resist high temperatures, moisture, oil, and chemicals.  They have EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber inner insulation for superior heat resistance and prevention of arcing and voltage leaks as well as fiberglass reinforcing braid for added strength and flexibility.  They even have two current paths for reliability and redundancy.  The universal design lets you tailor these wires to your vehicle for a clean look without excess wire. Learn More
$67.99 Set
Ignitor 2 Ignition, 6 Cylinder (1960/1964) Part # 90-74247-1
Millions have upgraded their point style ignitions with the ignitor electronic module, gaining horsepower, quicker starting and longer plug life. Ignitor 2 takes it a step further by adding a powerful new micro controller that controls the dwell period, for the best possible spark over the entire rpm range. Igntitor 2 offers enhanced performance levels only found in more expensive box type ignition systems. Ignitor 2 also shares the same features that make the current ignitor so popular: it fits entirely inside the distributor for the stock look, installs easily, and you ll never change or adjust your points again. Learn More
$132.99 ea.
Ford and Mercury Spark Plug Wire Boot At Distributor Cap - 6 Cylinder & V8 Part # 90-25026-1
Used On Spark Plug Wires And Coil Wire Pliable Rubber Ford And Mercury   This specialized spark plug and coil wire boot is made of pliable rubber, and makes a great replacement for old worn out and cracked boots.  It fits many Ford and Mercury applications. Learn More
$1.49 ea.
Distributor, Rebuilt, Single Vacuum Points/Condenser Type, 390, 427, 428, 429 Engines Part # 90-93398-1
Quality Replacement Part Fits and Functions Like Original No Core Required Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits Available Worn distributors are surprisingly common and can be the root of numerous problems with engine function. This thoroughly rebuilt single vacuum, points/condenser type distributor is ready to install. Changing distributors is surprisingly easy too if you make sure to note the position of the one removed and simply install the new one the same way. Learn More
$113.99 ea.
Distributor Cap - Black Plastic - 6 cylinder Part # 90-18076-1
Reproduction distributor cap can be used in all Ford six cylinder engines from 1957 through 1979. This is the correct black casing with brass contacts. Learn More
$7.99 ea.
Distributor Rotor Retainer Clip Part # 90-10733-1
Reproduction Of Original This Is Exclusive To 6 Cylinder Applications This little retainer is way too important & way too easy to lose. It fits on top of the distributor shaft & helps to stabilize the rotor. Learn More
$5.99 ea.
14 Item(s) Show per page Grid  List