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Search Term: 'All Parts'
Category: 'Air Conditioning and Heating'
Vehicle: '1960 MERCURY'
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Heater Foam Seal Kit - 15 Pieces Part # 90-44496-1
Heater box seal kit for Ranchero and Falcon 60/65. Learn More
$11.99 Kit
Heater Hose Set - 5/8" ID With White Stripe & Correct Grooves - Two 4' Long Pieces Part # 90-38269-1
Reproduction heater hoses are made to factory specifications and feature original autolite markings. These are an exact reproduction, not a generic striped hose. Correct heater hose for your specific year features correct colored markings. Learn More

Was: $29.99 Set

Now: $23.99 Set

Heater Hose Clamp Set - Wittek Tower Type Clamps Part # 90-33540-1
High Quality Reproduction Tower Style Clamps (10) 1 1/16" Clamps Included New complete sets of original style heater hose clamp sets. These are the original tower and wire band style clamps used by the Ford motor company. The absolute most correct clamps available for restoration. Get the whole set and save time and money. Learn More
$19.99 Set
Stainless Heater Hose Kit, Hoses/Reducers/Sleeves/Clamps Part # 90-73868-1
8 Hose Clamps 4 Rubber Reducers &ndash 5/8&rdquo ID 4 Aluminum End Cap Covers - Chrome 2 (44&rdquo ) Stainless Steel Hoses &ndash 3/4" ID 4 Rubber Hose Sleeve Adapters &ndash 3/4&rdquo ID These universal heater hose kits are designed to replace your standard rubber heater hoses. They feature stainless steel construction with durable chrome plating that can be cut to length. The supplied hose end covers and adapters make these heater hose kits perfect for any vehicle. Learn More
$118.99 Kit
Heater Plenum Chamber - Molded Black Plastic Part # 90-38268-1
Quality Restoration Part Molded To Match Your Original Unit Our replacement heater plenum is molded from virgin ABS plastic for good looks and durability. Cable clamp and screw are attached, and inner door has closed cell foam bumpers installed. Our heater plenum is made of rigid abs plastic and is molded to match your original unit. Learn More
$17.99 ea.
1948-1979 Ford And Mercury Defroster Hose Part # 90-27069-1
2/1/2" Inside Diameter 36" Long Can Cut To Fit Correct Lining And Coil Design   This new defroster hose was used on many different models, has the original style lining and coil design. The inside diameter is 2-1/2" throughout, and the length can be adjusted by cutting. Please check your inside diameter before ordering because getting the correct size is very important for it to lock onto hard ductwork.  When cutting make sure to leave a little extra since this hose can compress quite a bit, but will only extend so far. Learn More
$49.99 ea.
1960-1965 Falcon & Comet Heater Inlet Collar & Connector Assembly Part # 90-44457-1
This piece is rubber with metal squeeze clamp and foam seal.  It mounts on top of the right side air inlet, just above the vent door. Learn More
$51.99 ea.
Heater Core - 5/8" Inlet & Outlet - Core Is 7 3/4" x 6 1/8" x 2" Part # 90-37488-1
Quality reproduction heater cores are available for vehicles with or without aire conditioning. All of our heater cores are the highest quality american made heater cores. This heater core can be used for vehicles with or without ac from the factory only. Verify thickness when ordering. Learn More
$39.99 ea.
Heater Hose Straight Connector - With 3/8" Tapered Thread and 5/8" Hose Nipple Part # 90-19829-1
This is the correct fitting to connect the heater hose to the water pump. It has a 3/8" NPT at one end and hose nipple on the other end. Learn More
$11.99 ea.
Heater Blower Motor - 2 Speed - 3 Wire Motor - Before 4-1-1965 Part # 90-44497-1
Brand new heater blower motors are now available for your 1960/1965 Ranchero, Falcon, or Comet. Learn More
$69.99 ea.
Heater Blower Motor - Non-Vented - 5/16" Output Shaft Part # 90-12120-1
Replace that noisy or inopperative blower motor with these brand new units, designed to replace your original in fit and operation. The blower motor will improve airflow for your interior heating system as well as outside air through your fresh air ducts and air conditioning circulation on those cars equipped with a/c.This motor features a clockwise rotation motor with a totally sealed case. This motor measures 4 5/8 inches in lenGTh, with a shaft lenGTh of 1 3/4. Shaft diameter is 5/16. It is designed to be used with non-air conditioned cars. Learn More
$74.99 ea.
Heater Box - For 2 Speed Heater Motor Part # 90-38297-1
Heater box assemblies are diffucult to find in usable condition. We now offer a brand new reproduction of the original heater box assembly used in 1960/66 Rancheros and Falcons. Learn More

Was: $289.95 ea.

Now: $233.99 ea.

1960-1963 Ford And Mercury Heater Fan Switch And Cable Part # 90-44498-1
  We now have the original style heater blower motor fan swith and cable to replace the original Ford. Fits 60/63 Ranchero, Falcon, and Comet. Learn More
$62.99 ea.
Ford A/C Hose Retaining Strap, 7.12" Long Part # 90-73850-1
Concours  Quality Restoration  Hardware Factory Correct Finish & Markings Manufactured To O.E.M. Specifications Original Ford Dimensions & Appearance   Our hardware is factory correct down to the finish and the markings. A must have for the concours restoration or just those that want peace of mind of having factory correct hardware on their restoration. All of these detailing components are manufactured to original Ford specifications in dimensions, finish and appearance unless noted otherwise. The crowning jewels to a quality restoration! Count on Dearborn Classics for all of your classic Ford restoration needs. Learn More
$20.99 ea.
Air Conditioner Door Vacuum Motor Part # 90-44202-1
This vacuum motor works for most applications from 1965-1968 Galaxie and 1966-1968 Fairlane, Torino and Falcon. Modification of bracket may be required. Replacement style. Learn More
$73.99 ea.
18 Item(s) Show per page Grid  List