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Search Term: 'All Parts'
Category: 'Interior Parts and Trim'
Vehicle: '1960 MERCURY'
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Carpeted Floor Mats - 4 Piece Set - With Embroidered Logo Part # 90-19126-1
Fully Customizable Grip-Lock, Non-Skid Backing 35 Total Colors Available 40 Different Logos Available 80/20 Nylon Loop Makeup Universal Fit Ride in comfort and style with these carpeted floor mats, complete with embroidered logos. Made with a grip-lock, non-skin backing, these mats are designed to stay on the floor of your Ford or Mercury without having to be glued or nailed down. With over 35 total colors and 45 total logos available, these floor mats, brought to you by MAC's Auto Parts, add more than just luxury and color to your ride.  Our premium quality floor mats not only protect your carpet, but let everyone know that you are so proud of your car you even have the logo embroidered on your floor mats. And remember as always to trust MAC's Auto Parts for all your automotive restoration needs. Make sure to see the sample card for you car to see which colors are correct and which logos are correct! Please note that logo mats are a special order item and are non-returnable. NOTE: Logo 111, 116, 135, 207, 267, 282 and 287 are only available in thread colors shown in pictures. No thread color option are available for these logo so please choose NOT APPLICABLE in the thread color when ordering Logo 111, 116, 135, 207, 267, 282 or 287.  If a pattern does not exist for your vehicle, a universal mat will be chosen with your chosen logo will be supplied. Learn More
$130.99 Set
Inside Door Handle and Window Crank Screw Set - 4 Pieces - Chrome Plated Part # 90-14468-1
Window Crank Screws Correct Syle Used For 1966-70 Models 4-Piece Set   We have the correct style window crank screws used on 1966-70 window crank handles. 4-Piece set. For all of your classic Ford restoration needs, count on Dearborn Classics. Learn More
$1.49 Set
Door Latch Reinforcement Set Part # 90-14277-1
We now have an inexpensive door latch reinforcement kit that is used to replace damaged door latches. Special countersunk reinforcement washers and self locking screws provide an effective good looking and inexpensive solution. Replaces the expensive door latch repair plates. The kit, six correct screws and special reinforcement washers. Learn More
$8.99 Set
Speedometer Cable Core Kit - 70" Long Part # 90-49686-1
70" Long If your cable is broken and no cable assembly is available install a new core! Each kit includes .130 diameter SAE/OEM standard multi-wire coiled cable with .104 squared end universal metal tip spacer washer and tool for attaching tip to cable. Simply cut to length, attach tip, lube and install. Measure your cable to verify length needed. Learn More
$9.99 Kit
Carpeted Floor Mats - 4 Piece Set Part # 90-19127-1
Matches Our Carpet Sets Available In All Stock Carpet Colors Color Coordinated Binding Skid Resistant Backing 80/20 Nylon Construction   These well made floor mats are produced using the same material as our carpet sets.   They have skid-resistant backing to keep them from bunching up under your pedals.  Even the edge binding is color matched.  If you have original or reproduction correct rubber mats it is still very nice to have a set of these to go with your new carpet, and your correct ones stay looking new for shows.  Like our carpet sets, these mats are quality manufactured by Auto Custom Carpets. Learn More
$88.99 Set
Carpeted Loop Floor Mats, 4 Piece Set Plain, 1960-1972 Fullsize Ford & Mercury, Galaxie Part # 90-371502-1
Officially Licensed Ford Mats High Quality Rubber Back Carpeted Floor Mats Skid Resistant Backing Made from the Same Material As Our High Quality Floor Carpet For Exact Match Quality Custom Floor Mats Offer That Extra Show Touch Over Generic Part Store Mats   Learn More
$88.99 Set
Door Hinge Pin & Bushing Kit, Falcon, Fairlane, and Fullsize Ford Part # 90-77912-1
As part of your door restoration for your Falcon, Fairlane, or Fullsize Ford, your door hinges should be restored as well. Rebuild all of your Falcon, Fairlane, or Fullsize Ford door hinge pins with this one set, provided by Dearborn Classics. Matching factory specifications, this hinge pin and bushing set will easily replace your original pins and bushings. Trust Dearborn Classics for all of your restoration and replacement needs for your Classic Ford! Learn More

Was: $12.99 Kit

Now: $11.99 Kit

Power Door Lock Kit, 2 Door Part # 90-74705-1
Quality Kit Add Remote  Power Door Locks To Two Doors Includes Detailed Installation Instructions Our new door lock conversion kits allows you transform your manual door locks to automatic door locks in under an hour! This door locking system is unique because it allows you to activate your locks using original plungers. When the plunger in your drivers door is depressed or raised, or your key is turned on, the door automatically locks or unlocks. These are high quality kits that come with a lifetime warranty. Easy installation, OEM look, key actuation, and easy detailed instructions. Get yours today! Learn More
$94.99 Kit
Seat Belt Hardware Kit, Per Belt Part # 90-75317-1
Quality Hardware Includes: Two Bolts, Two Nuts, Two Lock Washers, And Two Large Flat Washers This Set Will Anchor One Seat Belt (Position) This is the correct hardware required for installation of our lift buckle style seat belts. Required on front and rear lift buckle seat belts for proper installation. One Set Of Hardware Is Required Per Seat Belt Learn More
$9.99 Kit
Seat Hinge Shaft, Clutch Pedal Rod and Transmission Shift Linkage Retainer Clip Set - 4 Pieces - Hairpin Type Part # 90-14200-1
This is the special clip retainer used on the seat hing shaft to keep the top frame attached to the bottom frame underneath the seat hinge bracket cover. Pack of four. 57-59    Ford - Clutch Pedal Rod Retainer Clip Set 60-63    Ford & Mercury - Seat Hinge Retainer Clip Set 60-71    Ford & Mercury -Manual Transmission Shift Linkage Clip Set 62    Fairlane - Bucket Seat Pivot Arm Clip Set - Body Style 62C 63    Fairlane - Bucket Seat Pivot Arm Clip Set - Body Style 71G 66-71 Fairlane/Torino - Clutch Linkage Hairpin Clip Set 65-69    Fairlane/Torino - Shift Rod Hairpin Clip Set - Used On 3 & 4-Speed Floor Shift Rods 68-69    Fairlane/Torino - Shift Rod Hairpin Clip Set - Used On 3-Speed Column Shift Rods 61-65    Falcon/Comet - Bucket Seat Hinge Shaft Retainer Clip Set Learn More
$3.99 Set
1955-1967 Ford And Mercury Chrome Coat Hook Kit Part # 90-26459-1
Coupe and convertible   Reproduction interior coat hooks are now available. We offer applications for 1960/1967 Fairlane, Falcons and Galaxies. These hooks are made to original specifications, are chrome plated, and include mounting screws. Learn More

Was: $11.95 Kit

Now: $9.99 Kit

1953-1960 Ford And Mercury Door Lock And Ignition Cylinder Set Part # 90-26458-1
High Quality Construction All Cylinders Keyed The Same Keys Included   Unfortunately, over time, the locking mechanisms on your 1952-1963 Dearborn-made car can come loose or otherwise malfunction, leaving your car vulnerable to theft or break-in, or potentially making it difficult or impossible to start your car. At Dearborn Classics, nothing is more important to us than your security, and we have a great set of door lock cylinders with keys and ignition cylinder offered as a complete set with that exact purpose in mind. These are correct replacement units with correct original fit and appearance. Includes correct keys and are ready to install, fitting any 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, or 1963 Dearborn make of car. With your safety and security in mind, remember to trust Dearborn Classics for all your restoration needs. Learn More
$69.99 Set
.pholstery Screws #10x1 1/4 Part # 90-84717-1
These self tapping screws with washers are perfect for upholstery work. Sold in a package of 6 for your convenience.If you need black phosphate screws order ups57b. Learn More
$7.99 Set
Window Regulator Repair Kit Part # 90-44575-1
New repair kit includes the parts you need to properly repair one window regulator. This kit can be used on all 1960/1965 Falcon models except hardtop and convertible. Learn More
$59.99 Kit
1960-1965 Falcon & Comet 4-Door Sedan Door Seal Set - Front and Rear Part # 90-44595-1
Reproduction Of Original Not For Wagons  Made in the U.S.A.   All of our door seals sets are made to match the original factory seals exactly.  These reproductions feature molded ends as original.  They are manufactured from a soft but durable neoprene rubber which was formulated to outlast the original Ford product and are absolutely the best available! This Comes In a Set Of Four Learn More
$199.99 Set
Seat Belt Kit (front & Rear) Part # 90-84229-1
Quality Restoration Parts Great Looking Period Style Belts Will Compliment Most All Older Vehicles Includes Necessary Components For Four Positions Will Also Complete Two 2-Seat Vehicles Seat belts are an important part of any project. We have a kit which includes two front lift buckle seat belts, two rear belts and four sets of mounting hardware all for one great price! Learn More
$99.99 Kit
Door Seal Set - Front and Rear Part # 90-33614-1
All of our door seals sets are made to match the original factory seals exactly. Our reproductions feature molded ends as original and are manufactured from a soft but durable neoprene rubber which was formulated to outlast the original Ford product. Absolutely the best available! Made in the u.S.A. Learn More
$255.99 Set
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