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Search Term: 'All Parts'
Category: 'Fuel Systems'
Vehicle: '1977 FORD'
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FiTech Fuel Injection 600 HP Basic Kit, Matte Black Part # 90-376706-1
Replaces Your Single 4 Barrel Carburetor With Precise Fuel Injection Technology Works With Factory Or Aftermarket Single 4-Barrel Intake Manifolds & Air Cleaner Assemblies  Eliminates Hard Starting, Sputtering, Cold Start Warmups, & Interior Fuel Smell  Instant Starting  & Throttle Response (Even After Long Term Storage) Improves Mileage, Offers Superior All-Climate Drivability Wet Flow "Swirl" Fuel Technology Increases Performance Over Other Designs Self Tunes In Minutes With No Laptop Tuning Required Voltage Fuel Pump Control Reduces Fuel Pump Heat & Extends Life Uses Same Throttle & Transmission Linkage As 4150 Holley Carburetors Idle Compensates For A/C (If Equipped) So No A/C Solenoid Is Required GM Style Sensors Can Be Replaced Locally At Most Auto Parts Stores Integrated OBD-II Style Diagnostics, Limp Home Mode Allows You To Drive Should A Sensor Fail   Never buy a carburetor again! FiTech Fuel Injection is dedicated to engineering, developing, and producing the most advanced and affordable electronic fuel injection systems on the planet. This system replaces your single 4-barrel carburetor with precise fuel injection technology. It works with factory or aftermarket single 4-barrel square bore intake manifolds air cleaner assemblies. You will enjoy the way it eliminates hard starting, sputtering, cold start difficulty, and interior fuel smell. Also unlike a carburetor you will see instant starting & throttle response, even after long term storage along with improved mileage and superior all-climate driveability. This system is so advanced that it self-tunes in minutes with no laptop required. It is truly an investment in the future enjoyment and reliability of your vehicle!   Notes: Requires Separate Fuel Pump System Purchase, NOT Included - See Fuel Command Center Under Related Items (All The Benefits Of An In-Tank Fuel Pump Without Modifying Your Fuel Tank! SPECIFICATIONS: Quality Level: High Performance Upgrade Throttle Body Construction: Die Cast Aluminum Color: Matte Black Metering Style: Speed Density Throttle Body Mounting Flange: 4-Barrel Square Bore, Same As Autolite 4100 Venturi Qty: 4 Injector Quantity: 8 Fuel Inlet Locations: 3 Timing Control: Yes Max Flywheel Horsepower: 800 Supports Forced Induction & Nitrous: No Self Tuning: Yes, In Minutes...Just Answer A Few Questions On Touch Screen Display Laptop Tuning: Yes Fuel Pump / System Included: No What's In The Box: Throttle body, Fuel Rails w/-06AN Fuel Inlet Fitting, Fuel Injectors, ECM With Calibration Module, Handheld Touch Screen 8 GB Memory Controller w/Windshield Mount, Plug N Play Wiring Harness, Bosch 4.2 Wide Band 02 Sensor,  Clamp On 02 Bung Kit, Fuel Pressure Regulator, GM Type 2.5 BAR MAP Sensor, GM Type TPS Sensor, GM Type IAC Motor, GM Type Coolant Temperature Sensor, GM Type Adjustable Control Fan Switch, A/C Kickup Control Kit, Gasket Kit, Step By Step Instruction.   Manufacturer Limited Warranty: 1-Year All Parts Except ECM, Lifetime On ECM Only Product Weight: 11 lbs. Product Dimensions: 14 x 12 x 8  50-State Emission Legal: No Learn More
$999.99 Kit
1960-1979 Ford And Mercury Gas Tank Sending Unit O Ring Part # 90-44209-1
Eckler's Select Series   Small gasket that mounts between the fuel sender and retaining ring used on all models from 60/79.   Learn More
$3.99 ea.
1960-1979 Ford And Mercury Gas Tank Sending Unit Lock Ring Part # 90-44349-1
Reproduction Of Original Cadmium-Plated Stamped Steel   New sending unit locking rings for your classic Ford. Correct stamped steel reproductions are made to match the original exactly. Learn More

Was: $9.95 ea.

Now: $7.99 ea.

1961-65 Falcon Sedan Delivery, 1960-65 Comet, 1961-69-Ranchero, 1963 Ranch Wagon, 1962-65-Fairlane, 1963 Meteor Locking Gas Cap With 2 Keys, Bright Finish Part # 90-36647-1
New Locking Style Gas Cap Made Of Sturdy, High Quality Materials Prevents Unauthorized Access To Gas Tank Prevents Malicious Tampering Of Gasoline Prevents Gasoline Theft Includes Two Keys For Locking Bright Polished Finish Gives Piece Of Mind And Provides Extra Safety Vented   Old gas caps need to be replaced, especially when they've been through decades of constant exposure to harsh chemicals and damaging environmental factors... or if they've just simply been lost! Replace your worn-out (or lost) gas cap with this brand-new locking gas cap to prevent any future tampering, theft or unauthorized access, all while ultimately increasing your Ford's safety. It's made of high-quality materials, has a bright polished finish, and includes two keys for locking it down for maximum security. It's very easy to use and functions just like an original OEM unit, so there's no surprises or guessing games how to use it. Just turn the key and lock!  Take control over who is accessing your fuel tank and get some piece of mind knowing your gas tank is virtually tamper-proof. You can count on Dearborn Classics to keep your Ford or Mercury on the road, and your gas cap where it should be! Product Information: Neck Diameter (in):  1.500 Shell Diameter (in):  3.813 Material:  Metal Cap Depth (in):  2.063 Color:  Silver Tether Included:   No Fuel Cap Venting:  Vented, Anti-Surge Cam Type:  Shallow Cam Type:  Regular Fuel Cap Venting:  Vented Anti-Surge Learn More
$19.99 ea.
Vent Valve Seal, Fuel Tank, Rubber, Torino, Ranchero, 1972-1979 Part # 90-74574-1
This Ford fuel tank vent valve seal will seal the valve to the tank. It is made of rubber and installs in the stock location without modifications. Learn More
$9.99 ea.
1974-1976 Torino & Montego, 1974-1979 Ranchero Fuel Sending Unit, 3/8" Part # 90-74591-1
High-Quality Reproduction Of Original 3/8" Fuel Line Includes Brass Float, Lock Ring, And O-Ring Fits All Models Except Wagons   An old fuel sending unit can lead to an incorrect or non-working gas gauge.  Dearborn Classics is pleased to be able to offer this quality replacement for your 1974-76 Ford Torino or Mercury Montego, or 1974-79 Ford Ranchero.  Made with modern construction, but built to fit your classic vehicle, these reproduced fuel senders will work with the original gauge.  This is the 3/8" fuel line which was typically the original size for higher performance engines which demand more fuel but will work fine with standard engines as well.  You can always to trust Dearborn Classics for all of your restoration needs. Learn More
$99.99 ea.
Fuel Pump - New Part # 90-48111-1
Choose from our selection of quality american made fuel pumps. Includes gaskets with each pump. Manufactured in the usa! Brand new original  fuel pumps are the highest quality and most correct choice for your restoration. Learn More
$19.99 ea.
Fuel Tank, 26 Gallon, Ranchero, 1974-1979 Part # 90-74589-1
We now offer brand new gas tanks for Ranchero, Falcons and Torinos. All tanks are die stamped and match original specifications. This tank is 26 gallon tank which is correct for 1974/1979 Ranchero. Must use part #fsu74b sending unit and part #fvt100 vent tube. Sold separately. Dimensions; 28 1/4" X 35 1/2" X 8 1/4". Learn More

Was: $239.99 ea.

Now: $220.99 ea.

Carburetors, 390/406, Tri Power Part # 90-80701-1
Quality Reproduction Parts Brand New Carburetors - Not Rebuilt! Replacement For Originals Found On  Factory 3x2 FE Engines Useful On Modified 3x2 Set Ups Similar To Original Type This brand new set of carburetors has a big advantage over the originals they are intended to replace: the flow curve has been changed to correct the infamous off-idle stumble. They are also built to work with modern fuels. You will love the reliability and power they provide. Learn More
$1,879.99 Set
Intake Manifold Gasket Part # 90-48114-1
New performance intake gaskets are the best available for your Ford manifold. These were specifically designed for improved performance over stock gaskets by using a fine wire mesh built into each port to better atomize the fuel. Made in the usa!Fits 1970-1974 351c 2bbl only, 1975-1979 351m 2 bbl only, 1971-1982 400 m except 71-74 with thermactor emission. Learn More
$23.99 Set
Carburetors,289/302 Tripower Part # 90-80700-1
Brand New Carburetors! Not Rebuilds! Flow Curve Changes To Fix Off-idle Stumble Sealed Throttle Shafts Center Carb Flows 320 CFMs Outer Carbs Flow 290 CFMs Brand new carburetors for your original multiple carburetion setup are now available. These are correct new carbs that are made to match original factory carbs but with some minor changes. You are one step closer to a complete setup with these beauties. The new carbs have several improvements over the originals. The off idle stumble inherent on all of the originals has been eliminated due to some minor changes in the flow curve. The original throttle shaft used to be bushed. This design allowed a minute amount of air to enter and over the years continued to lean the carb even further. Holley now uses a sealed throttle shaft and had to gain nascar approval as this was a process that had been used for some time.The new carbs are worth approximately 5 hp over the originals. These carbs are made by original manufacturer and are made with original tooling. Center carb cfm 320, outer carbs cfm 290 Learn More
$1,814.99 Set
Carburetor Linkage, 3 x 2 Carburetors, Small Block Part # 90-88696-1
Quality Restoration Part Duplicate Of Originals Found On  Factory 3x2 Small Blocks Made On Original Tooling Useful On Modified 3x2 Set Ups Similar To Original Type This linkage set gives you the adjustability to achieve proper operation of your 3 x 2 set up.  It is correct for original 3 x 2 barrel cars with accurate plating and attachment points.  If you have a non-original 3 x 2 set up similar to what Ford sold this linkage set can typically be modified to work.   Learn More
$149.99 ea.
Carburetor Linkage Rod, 2 x 4 Carburetors, Small Block Part # 90-80707-1
Quality Restoration Part Duplicate Of Original Found On  Factory 2x4 Small Blocks Useful On Modified 2x4 Set Ups Similar To Original Type This is a single rod for non-reversed carburetors.  This adjustable rod connects the two carbs together.  It is correct for original 2 x 4 barrel cars with accurate plating and attachment points.  If you have a non-original 2 x 4 set up similar to what Ford sold this rod can typically be modified to work.   Learn More
$149.99 ea.
Brake & Fuel Line Combo Clip Part # 90-88704-1
Combination fuel and brake line clip used on frame rails where both lines run along frame. Use on many models, check your application for quantity. Learn More
$2.49 ea.
1966-72 Fullsize Ford & Mercury, 1972-76 Torino & Montego, & 1972-79 Ranchero Fuel Filler Seal, Rubber Part # 90-81098-1
Quality Replacement For The Original Pliable Rubber Seal  Eckler's Select Series   This quality fuel filler rubber seal for your 1966-72 Ford & Mercury Full Size, 1972-1976 Torino & Montego, or 1972-1979 Ranchero is available. It was also used on numerous other Fords and Mercurys over a span of several years.  We also offer a restoration-correct version, but this will function just like the original, and costs less. Learn More

Was: $17.99 ea.

Now: $13.99 ea.

Fuel Line Frame Clip,3/8" Part # 90-74577-1
Attaching frame clip is 3/8" And designed for fuel lines. Learn More
$2.49 ea.
Fuel Tank Vent Valve, Ranchero, Torino, 1972-1979 Part # 90-74582-1
Fuel Tank Vent Valve Reproduction Of Original One-Port Valve Version Installs On The Tank Into A Seal   These Ford fuel tank vent valves allow the fuel to vent from the tank. They are manufactured from durable materials and install in the stock location without modifications. For all of your classic Ford restoration needs, count on Dearborn Classics.   NOTE: For The Seal That This Goes Into Order Part #63-30486. Learn More
$64.99 ea.
Fuel Cap, Chrome, Non-Locking, Ranchero, 1972-1979 Part # 90-74578-1
Replacement cap fits Rancheros 72/79. Attractive chrome finish. Learn More
Out of stock
289 And 302 Correct Reproduction 3x2 Fuel Log Part # 90-88695-1
New fuel logs are made to factory specifications and feature correct factory finish and design. A high quality engineered part. Made in the USA! Learn More
Out of stock
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