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Welcome to Dearborn Classics

         Dearborn Classics is an international mail order company that specializes in the manufacture and supply of quality parts and accessories for the Ford Ranchero, Ford Falcon, Ford Fairlane, Ford Galaxie, Ford Torino and Select Mercury models. We specialize in 1955-1979 classic Ford & Mercurys, and have the most extensive restoration inventory in the industry with seat covers, door panels, exhausts, heater core, body moldings, emblems and decals, interior trim, replacement wheels & tires, automatic transmissions, weatherstripping, hoods, fenders, patch panels, suspension and much more to help get your project off the ground.
         At Dearborn Classics, our primary goal is to provide you with the highest quality Ford parts available. We achieve this by maintaining strict quality control standards that we uphold in our own manufacturing facilities. As we are the direct manufacturer of many of our high quality Ford parts, we have the ability to produce accurate parts to your demanding expectations. Parts are parts right? Not at Dearborn Classics. We work closely with restorers to learn their requirements for fit, finish, and originality for each part prior to the part being produced. You will also be pleased to know that all of the products produced directly by Dearborn Classics are proudly produced in the United States by skilled craftsmen. There are many foreign made, lower priced reproduction parts offered for classic Ford cars on the market, but we feel in most cases there is no comparison to a quality American made Dearborn Classics part. Although we cannot manufacture every part we sell, we will not sell products that are available through other sources if we are not confident in their ability to perform, so if you see an item in another catalog that we do not offer, it may be because of questionable quality. Many times, we will reject products several times before approving the final part for production. Although painfully costly to us because manufacturing products takes longer to do it this way, we have come to find out that our customers appreciate our attention to detail. The little things count at Dearborn Classics, whether it's the correct grain vinyl, the exact thickness (down to the thousandths) of stamped metal parts, or the factory color and paint finish color on exterior ornamentation, we care about the fit, durability, and authenticity of the parts we sell. These things may not make a difference with many, but we have built a reputation for quality products that we intend to keep.