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In wintry conditions, without a Classic Ford heater control valve, the cold is an enemy to your engine, your car, and your body heat. Beat the cold with a heater valve from Dearborn Classics , your one-stop shop for Classic Ford heater parts. Dearborn Classics carries such a big variety of Classic Ford heater control valves and heater controls because we love Classic Fords as much as you do, and we strive to provide the best parts to ward off the cold. Get warm, and buy your Classic Ford heater control valve and heater controls today.

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Heater Hot Water Control Valve - Manual Shutoff Type Part # 90-50379-1
New replacement heater control valves for 1963 through 1972 models of Galaxie. Quality replacements made in the usa! Learn More
$19.99 ea.
Heater Hot Water Valve To Heater Core Seal Part # 90-29647-1
This is the small rubber gasket that seals between your heater control valve and your heater core. Fits all 1957/1958 Ford models. Learn More
$3.99 ea.
1960-1965 Falcon & Comet Heater Inlet Collar & Connector Assembly Part # 90-44457-1
This piece is rubber with metal squeeze clamp and foam seal.  It mounts on top of the right side air inlet, just above the vent door. Learn More
$51.99 ea.
Heater Inlet Collar and Connector - Metal Ring and Rubber Bellows With Squeeze Clamp Built-In Part # 90-44204-1
New heater inlet collars for 1960/1964 Galaxies. This is the oval shaped seal that goes from your airb inlet duct to your heater . Features a steel frames with foam rubber gasket sealing as original. An excellent quality part. Learn More
$59.99 ea.
Heater Control Face Plate - Chromed Die-Cast Zinc Part # 90-38300-1
Reproduction of the original heater dash control plate, knobs and conrol cables used in 64/65 Falcons abd Rancheros. Learn More
$14.99 ea.
Heater Inlet Collar and Connector Assembly Part # 90-34636-1
Reproduction heater inlet collars are now available for 60/65 Falcon and Ranchero. Learn More
$43.99 ea.
Hot Water Control Valve - With Auxiliary Heater - Motorcraft, Full-Size Wagons 1965-1967 Part # 90-36086-1
For 3-Seat Wagons With Auxiluary 3rd Seat Heater Only Also Used On Econoline Vans Motorcraft Part Here is one of those obsure parts that helps keep unique features functioning.  Some 3-seat wagons had auxiluary heaters for that rear-most seat, and this valve controlled the antifreeze/coolant to it.  Get yours today and you will be able to keep all of your passengers nice and toasty! Learn More

Was: $30.95 ea.

Now: $28.99 ea.

Heater Hot Water Control Valve - All Models With Air Conditioning Part # 90-41232-1
Replacement heater control valves (with integral ac) for 66 Rancheros, Torinos and Fairlanes. This hcv100 fits 66Ranchero, Fairlane and Falcon, 6cyl only 72/78 Ranchero and Fairlane and all 65/72 Galaxies 6cyl with factory a/c only . Learn More
$69.99 ea.
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