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Finding the little pieces for you Classic Ford can make all the difference. Antenna hardware is no different. Little brackets and bezels for your antenna can look tarnished and old, or simply go missing. Dearborn Classics strive to carry the most complete line of antenna hardware to get your Classic Ford project finished in a snap. Trust Dearborn Classics for all your antenna hardware needs.

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$5.99 ea.
Radio Antenna Part # 90-39357-1
These radio antenna includes either a streamlined airfoil design or round as original mast, base, chrome base cover, base mounting pads, lead wire with plastic retainers, rubber gromments, screws and hole placement template. These are manufactured exactly like the original. Learn More
$109.99 ea.
Fairlane/Falcon/Comet Antenna Cable Grommet, 1966-1972 Part # 90-359639-1
Reproduction Antenna Cable Grommet Correct OEM Specifications Sold Individually Manufactured By Dennis Carpenter Made In The U.S.A. This is a high quality reproduction antenna cable grommet. Faithful to the original and made in the U.S.A.! You can always count on MAC's to bring you the best restoration parts for your classic Ford. Learn More
$5.99 ea.
4 Item(s) Show per page Grid  List