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Body Color Codes for 1957 - 1959 Door Data Plate Decoding

Code Color Code Color
A Raven Black O Silver Mocha
C Dresden Blue P Prime
E Colonial White Q Thunderbird Bronze
F Starmist Blue S Special
G Cumberland Green T Woodsmoke Grey
J Willow Green V Flame Red
K Dark Brown (special) X Dusk Rose
L Doeskin Tan Y Inca Gold
N Gunmetal Grey Z Coral Sand


Code Color Code Color
A Raven Black M Gulfstream Blue
B Winterset White N Seaspray Green
C Desert Beige O Platinum
D Palomino Tan P Prime
E Colonial White R Torch Red
F Silvertone Green S Special
G Sun Gold T Silvertone Blue
H Gunmetal Grey V Casino Cream
I Grenadier Red W Cameo Rose
J Bali Bronze X Cascade Green
K Everglade Green Y Monarch Blue
L Azure Blue Z Regatta Blue


Code Color Code Color
A Raven Black P Prime
C Wedgewood Blue Q Sherwood Green
D Indian Turquoise R Torch Red
E Colonial White S Special
F Fawn Tan T Geranium
G April Green W Adriatic Green
H Tahitian Bronze Y Inca Gold
J Surf Blue Z Gunsmoke Grey
K Tahitian Bronze 1 Monte Carlo Red
L Surf Blue 4 Meadowvale Green
M Sherwood Green 5 Belmont Blue
N Gunsmoke Grey 6 Skymist Blue