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Dearborn Classics car cleaners and conditioners will bring that show n' shine out in your classic Ford. Our Classic Ford 1955-1979 cleaners and conditioners are formulated from the world top manufacturers using only the best tested materials. Dearborn Classics carries the top names in cleaners and conditioners such as Zaino, Lexol, P21S, Busch and many more. Dearborn Classics has been supplying the worlds best Classic Fords with the top names in cleaners an conditioners for over 20 years.

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Lizard Skin SuperPro Application Kit (50125) Part # 90-393091-1
Sprayer 1 Quart Cup Stir Paddle (attaches to drill) Application Instructions Wet Mil Gauge NOTE:  Cannot be shipped by air   The SuperPro Application Kit is made exclusively for LizardSkin coatings, able to handle the thick viscosity of the coatings with ease. It provides exactly what’s needed for professionals and hobbyists to properly apply the coatings. Sprayers used for typical paint applications are not engineered to handle the thickness of these technologically advanced coatings. Both LizardSkin coatings must be applied to a clean, dry and rust-free surface. Applying both coatings is a snap, without the tedious labor of cutting and pasting that traditional mat products require. Simply hook up the SuperPro spray gun to shop air and spray your way to a cooler and quieter ride.  Learn More
$97.99 ea.
Plexus Plastic Protector Spray, 13 Oz. Part # 90-253953-1
Spray & wipe, no buffing necessary Doesn't leave smudges or smears Makes colored plastics vibrant, clear plastic virtually transparent & plastic paints looking like new Seals pores in plastics with a micro-thin layer of protective wax Guards against debris, oil, scratches & yellowing Anti-static properties repel dust   This was originally developed for use on expensive aircraft windshields, but a funny thing happened. People realized it worked great on all kinds of plastics. It cleans the surface and leaves a shiny, protective layer of wax to guard the vulnerable, porous surfaces. Also works great on plastic-based acrylic paints and clear coated aluminum wheels. Learn More
$29.99 ea.
Metal Polish, 75ml Tube Part # 90-76478-1
Bring out the shine and luster in aluminum, copper, magnesium, and brass with this polishing paste. Goes on and comes off quickly and easily. Let Autosol polish add new sparkle to your car. 75 ml Learn More
$8.49 ea.
Grease Doctor - 1 Quart Bottle Part # 90-83888-1
One Quart Bottle Water Based Non-Toxic Can Be Used Straight Or Diluted   Grease Doctor is a water based cleaner and degreaser.  It removes dirt, grease and oil.  It is a concentrate which can be used straight from container or mixed with water to control cleaning strength. Mixing ratios range from straight to 20 parts water to one part Grease Doctor. Because it is water based, it is non-toxic and  safe to use. Learn More
$14.99 ea.
LUCAS METAL POLISH (16 OZ) Part # 90-75730-1
Lucas metal polish cleans, polishes and protects alumimum and Other metals. It has built-in enhancement elements that help to prolong and protect the treated surface from fading, oxidation or tarnishing. Maximum luster with minimum effort. Key benefits: simple to use, safe on all metals, fast acting, no acid, no ammonia Learn More
$17.95 ea.
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