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Dearborn Classics wall guards will help protect your Classic Fords body from dent and dings from tight parking situations. Made from high impact materials, Dearborn Classics wall guards can be used on any 1955-1979 Classic Ford or any other daily driver or classic in your collection. We also have a line of wheel chocks and parking mat stops to added the extra insurance against dings and dents. Dearborn Classics is proud to be the worlds leaders in high quality wall guards and wheel chocks for Classic Ford owners of over 20 years.

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Set Of 4 Wheel Chocks, Rubber Part # 90-76310-1
These Work Alone Or With Any Race Ramp Each Chock Is 6" Long x 4" High x 5" Wide Made Of Solid Rubber Extra Grip Bottom Made in the USA   These durable, solid rubber wheel chocks prevent vehicles from rolling during maintenance or storage. They feature lightweight all-weather construction for reliable performance in any climate, and a molded grab handle for easy positioning. With a nonslip surface for superior traction, these solid rubber wheel chocks are an essential safety item for vehicle repair or storage. Trust Dearborn Classics for all your restoration needs. Learn More
$64.99 ea.
Maxsa Garage Laser Park Part # 90-76487-1
Perfect Parking Every Time No More Garage Mishaps Installs In Minutes Take the guesswork out of garage parking with the Maxsa Garage Laser Park. The unit automatically activates every time your vehicle enters the garage, just guide your vehicle into the ultra-bright laser beam and park in exactly the same spot time after time. Learn More
$26.99 ea.
Curb Alert Warning System Part # 90-76620-1
Warns With An Audible Alarm Prevents Embarrassing Parking Lot Moments Sensor Can Mount In A Discrete Manner In The Front End No Drilling Required Advanced Infrared Triangulation Technology Warning Distance Is Adjustable From 8-28" Alert Sound Volume Can Be Set to High, Low  Or Mute Curb-AlertTM is a patent-pending curb detection device that uses the latest in Infrared LED technology to determine the distance of your vehicle from a curb or other low obstacle. It sends out infrared waves that are analyzed by the system to determine how far your vehicle is from the curb. If it determines that your vehicle is dangerously close to the curb, it alerts you with an audible in-cabin tone to prevent damage to your front bumper, spoiler or valence panel. Housed within a weatherproof case to handle any weather conditions thrown at it. Curb-AlertTM is an invaluable and easily installed addition to any vehicle with a low front end, from a sports coupe to a hybrid. This kit is easy and flexible to install. We like to mount ours under the fascia, where it can't be seen. It installs easily in 30-45 minutes with all necessary hardware included, using only common household tools. Learn More
$159.99 Kit
Park Smart Parking Stop Part # 90-76255-1
Don't Use Your Front Bumper To Find The Wall Find the right spot every time you park in your garage. Position the Park Smart Parking Mat on your garage floor; roll in over the first bump and stop. Your vehicles weight holds the mat in place. A larger second bump will alert you if youve gone too far. Park Smart is made of highly visible material that stands up to gas or oil, and carries a lifetime warranty. Learn More
$22.29 ea.
Wall Guard Door & Wall Protector Part # 90-76256-1
Rubber Door & Wall Saver This will give you over two feet of protection for your door's paint or your wall. Soft rubber, easily attaches (hardware included) to most walls. Can also be wrapped around pillars or posts between cars. Its all too easy to open your door a little too fast and chip the paint.   Learn More

: $15.99 ea.

Sale Price: $7.46 ea.

Hanging Door Ding Protection Part # 90-76257-1
Hanging Door Ding Protection If you live in a condo or park in a tight private lot, you can prevent damage by hanging this convenient rubber barrier between your car and your neighbor. When someone carelessly opens the door with their hands full, this rubber protector prevents dings and damage.   Learn More
$23.29 ea.
Maxsa Park Right Dual Garage Laser Park Part # 90-353573-1
Perfect Parking Every Time No More Garage Mishaps Installs In Minutes Lasers Automatically Activate Park your cars in the garage in the exact right spot every time with our Dual Laser Park. Dual lasers shine onto your vehicles to precisely guide you to the correct spot. This product is perfect for 2 car garages but can be used for one car as well. The lasers automatically activate when your vehicle enters the garage. Learn More
$49.99 ea.
Maxsa Park Right Parking Stop Part # 90-353604-1
Portable Can Be Used As Parking Chock Durable Rubber Grip Bottom Prevents Movement Extendable Metal Bar Helps Hold Vehicle Wheel In Place Cold Resistant Up To -22 Degrees F If you are looking more for a parking stabilization product, we have a Parking Stop/Parking Chock that is perfect for preventing movement after parking. Great for inclines and portable too! A durable rubber grip bottom prevents the stop from moving and an extendable metal bar helps hold the vehicle wheel in place. Learn More
$15.99 ea.
Maxsa Park Right Door And Bumper Guards Part # 90-353675-1
Helps Prevent Damage To Car Doors No More Scratched Doors Or Dented Bumpers Helps To Prevent Damage To Car And Garage Mounts With Double-Stick Tape (Included) Reflective Tape For Increased Visibility Helps protect your car and garage during parking and when opening car doors. Installs vertically for bumper protection or horizontally for door protection. Package comes with two guards. Learn More
$13.49 ea.
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