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Dearborn Classics specialty paints are made for the Classic Ford restorer in mind. From heat resistant caliper paint, Dearborn Classics has the interior paints and dyes you need to get your 1955-1979 Classic Ford back on the road. Dearborn Classics interior paints and dyes are formulated to meet and exceed the OE level for quality to assure years of like-new appearance. With over 20 years as the Classic Ford leader, Dearborn Classics has the interior paints and dyes you need to get your 1955-1979 Classic Ford restoration complete.

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POR-Patch - Black - 4 Oz. Tube Part # 90-52017-1
Por patch is quite literally a thicker version of por-15 in a tube. Por patch remains flexible, and once cured is impervious to fuels,solvents, and dries hard as a rock. This putty can be used to permanently patch holes in steel, wood, plastic, and concrete. Putty must be shipped via ups ground. Comes in a 4 oz tube. Learn More
$18.99 ea.
Sem Vinyl Prep (14 Oz Aerosol) Part # 90-75606-1
Cleans soil, wax and grease from vinyl substrates while it softens and prepares the surface for adhesion of topcoat. The perfect product to use before painting. Learn More
$19.79 ea.
Exhaust Manifold Paint,POR-15® Part # 90-253611-1
Restores Factory Manifolds To Original Gray Color Withstands Temperatures to 1400°F Resists Cracking, Chipping & Peeling Brush Or Spray Application 8 oz. Can POR-15® Factory Manifold Gray is a high temp gray paint capable of withstanding extreme temperatures up to 1400°F. This high temp paint will maintain a durable cast iron gray color and won't burn off. Can be used on all cars, domestic or foreign, and it meets or exceeds properties and requirements of MIL-C-13370. Can be brushed or sprayed. Learn More
$22.99 ea.
Silver Cadmium Spray 12 OZ Part # 90-76570-1
Reproduces The Look Of Cadmium Plating Use On Hood Hinges, Door Latches, Carburetor Rods & More 12 Oz. Can Cannot Be Shipped By Air Learn More

Was: $16.99 ea.

Now: $12.99 ea.

POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint - Silver - 1 Quart Part # 90-51991-1
High quality medium gloss silver topcoat that is ideal for painting over por rust paint. Can be used on frames, and floorpans as protection against rust and corrosion. This must be shipped via ground service, and is sold in quarts. Learn More
$51.99 QT
Glisten PC - Clear Coat - Gloss - 1 Quart Part # 90-52010-1
Glisten pc is the toughest new clear coat available anywhere. This coating will not yellow or fade and is rock chip resistant. It is a two part clear coating for highly polished surfaces and is ideal for aluminum wheels, grilles and bumpers. For best results use our por23 ap-120 metal prep made exclusively for the glisten coating. This must be shipped via ground service. Learn More
$67.99 QT
Sem Plastic/Leather Prep (11.25oz) Part # 90-75607-1
Removes mold release agents, fingerprints, grease, wax and Other contaminants and leaves plastic substrates clean for coating without softening or distorting the plastic. Prepares hard plastic interior pieces for painting. Learn More
$18.99 ea.
Gas Tank Zinc Tone Paint Part # 90-76571-1
15 Oz. Spray Can Does Not Duplicate Original Tank Color This gas tank coating contains zinc to protect against rust damage and stop minor surface rust from spreading. Cannot be shipped by air. Learn More
$25.99 ea.
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