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The hood moldings on the Classic Ford are just like any other molding. They are prone to damage from the elements. Dearborn Classics offers the complete line of replacement and reproduction moldings for the hood of your Classic Ford. Dearborn Classics also offers the best parts at the best possible pricing to make your Classic Ford restoration easier.

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Hood Molding Hardware Kit (20 Piece), Galaxie, 1964 Part # 90-84606-1
This hardware kits includes ten spring clips and 10 attaching nuts to install a 1964 Galaxie hood molding. Complete kit of 20 pieces. Learn More
$17.99 Kit
Roof Rail Moulding Fastener Part # 90-13238-1
Roof Rail Molding Fastener Clip Correct Replacement Sold Each   1957 Ford Fairlane roof rail outside molding clip. Original Ford part number is B7A-6450024-A. 1957 body style 57A takes 8 or 12 each. 1957 body styles 58B, 63A and 64B each take 10 or 16. 1958 body styles 57A, 58B, 63A, and 64A each take 12 clips. These clips use 2 attaching prongs that fit into a square hol and measure approximatley 1-13/64" by 5/8". For clips that use a screw to attach the clip, order part number BMC45. For all of your classic Ford needs, count on Dearborn Classics. Learn More
$3.99 ea.
Roof Rail Moulding Fastener Part # 90-13239-1
Roof Rail Outside Front Molding Retaining Clip Correct Original Style Sold Each   Finally available for your 1957 Ford Fairlane is the original style roof rail outside front molding retaining clip. Original Ford part number is B7A-6450024-B. 1957 body style 57A takes 2 clips, body styles 58B, 63A and 64 take 4 or 6 clips. 1958 body styles 57A, 58, 63, and 64 take 2 to 6 clips. These clips utilize a screw to attach to the body and measure approximately 1-13/64" by 5/8". For those clips that do not utilize the screw attachment, order part number BMC46. For all of your classic Ford restoration needs, count on Dearborn Classics. Learn More
$2.99 ea.
1966-67 Fairlane And 1967 Ranchero Bright Aluminum Hood Molding Part # 90-39536-1
Beautiful Reproduction Of The Original OE Number C6OZ-16856-A Attaches With Original Hardware (Not Included) Correct For 1966-67 Fairlanes And 1967 Rancheros     These very nice bright aluminim hood edge moldings are now available for all body styles of 1966-67 Fairlane and 1967 Ranchero.  They are a very correct reproduction, and work just fine with original hoods.  The ends are finished off like the originals, and they look right at home with the fender extension moldings we offer in a related listing. Learn More
$84.99 ea.
Hood Moulding - Stainless Steel Part # 90-33361-1
New hood molding for your 1961 Galaxie has been reproduced to original specifications. This piece is manufactured of stamped aluminum and is bright dip anodized like original. Includes mounting hardware. Learn More
$191.49 ea.
1968-1969 Ford Fairlane, Torino, Ranchero, Hood Lip Moulding Part # 90-369972-1
New Quality Restoration Part Includes Original Style Attachment Points Replaces Ford Number C9OZ-16958-A   What is the first thing you notice when looking at the front of a 68-69  Ranchero, Torino or Fairlane? Most probably, you and other admirers will see all of that beautiful shiny chrome. If every piece of it is not in tip-top condition, your Ford just won't sparkle like it should. One piece that is subject to over 40 plus years of weather, wear and tear is the hood bar. A top-quality reproduction hood bar from Dearborn Classics is easy to install and will completely change the look of your dingy front end. The original bars are often broken, scratched, or dented after being on your car since new. The cost to repair or polish an original is usually higher and will always be of lower quality than a reproduction hood bar. Improve the looks of your Torino or Fairlane today with a brand new reproduction hood bar from Dearborn Classics! Made from NOS inventory and is accurate to the "T". NOTE:  To save on shipping, this molding will arrive completely straight.  Simply attach one side first, then gently push the other side of the molding in to conform with the original bend in the center.  The material is soft, so this doesn't require much force at all. Learn More
$199.99 ea.
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