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Ford Ranchero

Produced by the Ford Motor Company from 1957 through 1979, this unique vehicle was the first of its kind being the first car with a truck bed. One unique feature of the Ranchero was that it was always patterned after a selected Ford car line. In its 23 years of production, the Ranchero line changed 5 times with numerous body style changes. From 1957 through 1959, it was patterned after the full size Fairlane and featured all the engine options including the Thunderbird 352 special V8 as well as luxurious interior trim options. The Ranchero was offered in the standard, as well as the custom model. From 1960 through 1966 and again from 1964 through ’65, it was offered in the Falcon design and now became the compact Ranchero pickup. Early Falcon Rancheros were a great economy hauler which boasted 30 miles per gallon from the 144 cubic inch six cylinder and able to load an 800 lb. capacity. These trucks made good sense for the ranch or around town. The 1966 Ranchero was somewhat of a unique vehicle in that its body style was only used for one year and followed the 1966 Falcon body lines. This was also available with 289-4v engine. The Ranchero took on the Fairlane body style in 1967 and was now available with the sporty stacked dual headlights featured on the Fairlanes. These are among the most popular among Ford collectors. This new Ranchero was available with all the V8 options. This sporty Ranchero continued in 1968 ushering in the new age of high performance with the big block Torinos. Rancheros were now available in three models, named "500", "GT", and standard models. In 1972 Ford made a major body change in the Torino commonly referred to as the "fish mouth" grill design. The days of huge horsepower were now gone due to smog issues and changes in rating horsepower. The 1977 Rancheros had now become the ultimate in truck luxury with the Thunderbird/LTD body style. The last and final year of the Ranchero produced a limited edition 1979 ½ Ranchero with all leather interior, dash board, and special paint color and trim scheme which has proved to be a very interesting vehicle on its own.