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Vent Window Top Corner Seal Rivet Installation Tool Part # 90-74707-1
Quality Tool To Assist With A Tricky Job The Best Way To Reassemble Your Vent Windows Without Damage Works With The Rivets Which Come With new Vent Window Top Corner Seals For Left Or Right Side   If your pride and joy has separate vent window top corner seals this is the tool you need to properly install the rivets which attach new top corner seals to the vent window frame. It will allow you to get the job done the right way without damaging the frame or seal.  You will need to drill out the original rivet, but our replacement seals come with new ones.  Set the seal in place, push the new rivet through the access holes, line up this special tool with the flat surface on the rivet head, and the pointed shaft in the recess on the other side. Slowly increase the tension the tool will exert until the rivet is crushed and the seal is held in place.  Don't overtighten as this tool is strong enough to break a vent window frame.  You may also want to protect the chrome that touches the tool as there occasionally are marks left.  With a little care though you will have installed you new seals the right way. Learn More
$119.99 ea.
Ford & Mercury Top Vent Window Rivet Removal Tool Part # 90-383492-1
For Vehicles With Vent  Window To Help Remove Original Rivets  Includes Tool And 4 Rivets   Finally the perfect tool for that tough little job of removing the original rivets. The kit was designed for Mustangs and includes top seals, the tool, and 4 rivets. The seals are for a Mustang, but the tool and rivets will work for other models.  The cost is low enough that even if you can't use the seals it is well worth it. You can give the seals to someone with a Mustang and gain a friend in the process. Learn More
Out of stock
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