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Your Classic Ford suspension system, complete with body mount, is essential to the maintenance of your Classic Ford. And not just in the terms of upkeep; without an excellent suspension system, the Classic Ford would be nearly worthless. Next to the engine, it is by far the most important automotive system. The suspension system, quite simply, keeps your car on the road. It counters vertical momentum and acceleration, canceling out the pervasive and unavoidable bumps and valleys the road is composed of. An unprotected Classic Ford is a car without the right suspension system or body mounts. Classic Ford body mounts are as important to the suspension system as the suspension system is important to the car. The Classic Ford museum and adjoining factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky, would have no reason for existing if not for the fine engineering and complex problem solving accomplished by the elegant Classic Ford suspension system. Of course, Classic Ford body mounts contribute to the success of this very system. Dearborn Classics is your one-stop shop for everything Classic Ford, and that includes body mount parts. Dearborn Classics has the best selection when it comes to Classic Ford suspension packages, and the lowest prices and highest value when it comes to body mounts. Dearborn Classics is the most trusted name in Classic Fords, because we love them as much as our customers do. That's why we go out of our way to have everything you need when it comes to Classic Ford body mount kits and parts. Dearborn Classics is the premier place to come for all the Classic Ford body mounts, manuals and information you need. Don't delay in fixing up one of the most important systems your Classic Ford has, and get what you need to do it from Dearborn Classics today.

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